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We can develop any win32 software for CDMA phones according to your custom requirements:


To unlock SPC, MIN, PRL, Repair MEID, ESN, Akey, SSD, etc


Patching the firmware:

To remove any locks or install the new language, change or remove power-on / power-off logo


We have a lot of satisfied customers all over the world. Our support team is ready to help you 24 hours a day


Your inquiries are welcome.

Payment methods
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"Power CDMA Pack" updated!!!


Novatel U720 (EX720, S720, V720), U727, U760, MiFi2200.. ESN, SPC change solution + repair damaged devices + original PST + flash files




Novatel U720 - U720_sprint_159.nvt

Novatel U720 - U720_vzw_160.nvt

Novatel U720 - U720_telus_v150.nvt

Novatel U720 - U720_DUMP_RIFF_TEST_OK.bin

Novatel U727 - U727_sprint_113.nvt

Novatel U727 - U727_sprint_114.nvt

Novatel U727 - U727_vzw_124.nvt

Novatel U760 - U760_vzw_139.nvt

Novatel U760 - Verizon_U760_FW139.exe

MiFi2200 - MiFi2200_156.nvt

MiFi2200 - DUU_Verizon_MiFi2200_FW167.029.exe






We opened support section for CDMA Workshop users on big GSMCity forum -

You are welcome!






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.9.0 released.


Many people are waiting for a new version of CDMA Workshop and want getting updates regularly. We also want to please our customers with one more new powerful version of CDMA Workshop in this year. Also, later there will be special release with Apple tool once it is fully done and tested. Thank you and have a nice Christmas holidays.






User panel for CDMA Workshop users is ready to be released. There registered users always can automatically get latest version of CDMA Workshop, submit a request to get a new license key and restore personal Password.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.8.7 released.






"Power CDMA Pack" updated!!!


• QPST - Qualcomm Product Support Tool v2.7 (build 366)


• QXDM - Qualcomm eXtensible Diagnostic Monitor v3.12.714


Samsung PST Lite v10004


Huawei PST Downloader


Motorola MS500 Downloader

Motorola MS550 Downloader

Motorola MS600 Downloader

Motorola MS700 Downloader

Motorola MS800 Downloader

Motorola MS900 Downloader


Samsung PST DLL`s for:


Samsung A645

Samsung A890

Samsung A930

Samsung A950


Samsung M300

Samsung M500

Samsung M510

Samsung M540

Samsung M550

Samsung M560

Samsung M610

Samsung M620

Samsung M800

Samsung M810

Samsung i910


Samsung N330


Samsung R200

Samsung R210

Samsung R430

Samsung R450

Samsung R500

Samsung R510

Samsung R560

Samsung R810


Samsung U310 + special VIA drivers

Samsung U340

Samsung U350

Samsung U360

Samsung U430

Samsung U470

Samsung U520

Samsung U620

Samsung U650

Samsung U700

Samsung U740

Samsung U750

Samsung U810

Samsung U820

Samsung U900

Samsung U960


Samsung B119

Samsung B139

Samsung B189

Samsung B239

Samsung B259

Samsung B279

Samsung B309

Samsung B319

Samsung B519

Samsung B619


Samsung E239


Samsung F219

Samsung F309

Samsung F339

Samsung F369

Samsung F399

Samsung F509

Samsung F519

Samsung F589

Samsung F609

Samsung F679

Samsung F699


Samsung M359

Samsung M569

Samsung i839


Samsung S109

Samsung S139

Samsung S159

Samsung S169

Samsung S179

Samsung S189

Samsung S199

Samsung S209

Samsung S229

Samsung S259

Samsung S269

Samsung S299

Samsung S379

Samsung S399


Samsung W339

Samsung W399

Samsung W509

Samsung W559

Samsung W579


Samsung X969

Samsung X979


LG PST DLL`s for:


LG VX8550

LG VX9100




Samsung A640 - a640rus.bin

Samsung A650 - A650YB14.bin

Samsung A850 - a850_yk12_pr.bin


Samsung M800 - SPH-M800_BF30.bin


Samsung N330 - YOUTH_REL_YA21_P3_REG_P4.bin


Samsung R210 - R210_BD07_CRICKET_Rel.bin

Samsung R430 - Samsung_R430_Cricket_BD08.bin

Samsung R500 - r500_cricket_comp_ISR_AL01.bin

Samsung R560 - Cricket_SCH_R560_CG29_SMD.bin


Samsung U310 - u310_BJ07.bin

Samsung U340 - U340_Alltel_AI15.bin

Samsung U350 - u350_CB28_CEFS_smd.bin

Samsung U650 - U650_MR_BL18.bin

Samsung U700 - U700_BD07.BIN

Samsung U810 - U810BI30.bin

Samsung U900 - U900_BH12.bin


Samsung B119 - SCH-B119_TERRA_MTS_CK26_REL_SMD.bin

Samsung B139 - SCH-B139_SWA_TAT_CF08_RC.bin

Samsung B189 - SCH-B189_TATA_india_CD24_REL.bin

Samsung B239 - B239_TATA_CB09_RC.bin

Samsung B259 - SCH-B259_SWA_TAT_CB16_RC_270409.bin

Samsung B259 - SCH-B259_SWA_TAT_CD17_RC.bin

Samsung B279 - SCH-B279 VMI_MRV02_BK19_FINAL.bin

Samsung B309 - SCH-B309_SWA_VMI_CF25.bin

Samsung B319 - SSB319MRT02_CH27.bin

Samsung B519 - SCH-B519_INDIA_CF01_SMD.bin

Samsung B619 - SSB619MRV02_CI28.bin


Samsung F219 - F219_INDIA_CL17_SMD.bin

Samsung F219 - F219_INDIA_DA19_CODE.bin

Samsung F309 - SCH-F309_INDIA_OPEN_CA07.bin

Samsung F309 - SCH-F309_SWA_DD_BK26.bin

Samsung F339 - SCH-F339_INDIA_OPEN_CK24.SMD

Samsung F679 - F679_RELIANCE_BD03.bin

Samsung F679 - SSF679MRT08_TATA_BD03.bin

Samsung F699 - SCH_F699_SWA_DD_CH05.bin

Samsung F699 - SCH_F699_SWA_DD_CI09_SMD.bin


Samsung M569 - SCH-M569_SWA_DD_BJ31_ALL_PRE.bin


Samsung S109 - USEINDIA_ZD22.bin

Samsung S189 - SCH-S189_Shyam_india_CC20_rel.bin

Samsung S229 - S229USEINDIA_BE30.BIN

Samsung S259 - SCH-S259_INDIA_BF16.bin

Samsung S259 - S259_unlocked.bin

Samsung S269 - SCH_S269_BE30.bin

Samsung S269 - SCH-S269_CB16_270409.bin

Samsung S299 - SCH-299_India_VMI_BA28.bin

Samsung S379 - SCH_S379_INDIA_DD_CD27_SMD.bin


Samsung W299 - W299_India_REL_CC31.bin

Samsung W339 - w339v9all.bin


Samsung V740 - sch-v740_ZB21.bin

Samsung V740 - sch-v740-BD23.bin


LG VX8550 - VX855V03.bin


Huawei C2801 - c2801binfile.bin


Sierra AirCard 580 - 580_read_sprint.bin

Sierra AirCard 595 - AC595_firmware_sprint.cwe

Sierra AirCard 595u - AC595u_firmware_sprint.cwe

Sierra AirCard 597 - AC597_MC5725_firmware_sprint.cwe

Sierra AirCard AC8xx - AC8xx_firmware_sprint.cwe






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.8.5 released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.8.3 released.






Someone some time ago on forums asked - What will be if CDMA-WARE guys die? What will be with our CDMA Workshop copies?


As an answer on this question we have paid for at once 5-year work for both our servers (main and spare). Not only for domains, but hosting plans also. Thus, now even if we all die, your current CDMA Workshop copies will keep working at least 5 years else.






Free NV-items reader_writer is released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.8.0 released.






We are ready to hard work again. We will answer all emails and process all orders right now.






We will be on vacation for about few days.


We will process all orders and requests as soon as possible.


Sorry for all delays.






We kept working on new generation of CDMA Workshop and ready with next version 3.7.5






We are ready to hard work again. We will answer all emails and process all orders and requests today. Sorry for all delays.






We will be on vacation for about few days.


We will process all orders and requests as soon as possible.


Sorry for all delays.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.7.0 released.






We are ready to hard work again. We will answer all emails and process all orders and requests today. Sorry for all delays.






We will be on vacation for about few days.


We will process all orders and requests as soon as possible.


Sorry for all delays.






We are ready to hard work again. We will answer all emails and process all orders and requests today. Sorry again for all delays.






We will be on vacation for about few days.


We will process all orders and requests as soon as we can.


We are really sorry for all delays.






We are ready to hard work again. We will answer all emails and process all orders and requests today. Sorry again for all delays.






We will be on vacation for about few days.


We will process all orders and requests as soon as we can.


We are sorry for all delays.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.6.0 released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.5.5 released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.5.0 released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.4.5 released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.4.0 released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.3.5 released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.3.0 released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.2.5 released.






"Power CDMA Pack" updated!!!


DM2K v3.37 - Universal Diagnostic Monitor    /   Screen shot: 1.gif


• Motorola Radiocomm v11.6.2   /   Screen shot: 1.gif

(date of release 02.14.08,  Highest level functions)


• Motorola P2K PST v7.2.6 Cracked   /   Screen shots: 1.gif | 2.gif



• Motorola RSD CDMA General v5.1.8   /   Screen shot: 1.gif


• Motorola RSD Lite v4.2 + Test command patch.

(Multi flash + Multi flex tool)


• Motorola CDMA DMTool v2.5

(Flash downloader for ODM Motorola models: W150, W170, W200, W210, W355)


• Motorola ESN changer, SPC unlocker. Motodongle software (no dongle is required)

(Support P2K models: V3C, E815, V810, E310, V510, etc.. ODM: C141, W150, W200)


• Universal PST (InfoSoft) dll for  -  Sanyo SCP-2400


• Samsung PST dll`s for  -  Samsung U540, U410, U340 Cricket, A870


• ASTool+ PST/Flash Downloader for Sky 8700


• ZTE Flash Downloader (ZPST) v1.00.07


• Aiko 18c ESN changer, SPC Unlocker


• Aiko 31p PST v3.0.5


• Kyocera KE301 Flash Downloader


• Huawei FWT Configuration Tool v3.0


• Pantech HX550C Flash Downloader


• Axesstel PST v1.53 (EVDO)


• CMotech modems PST v1.5.0.0


• USB modem drivers for Sanyo, Kyocera, Curitel, Audiovox, Telit, UTStarcom models



Kyocera KX16 - bo1026_cricket.hxb

Kyocera KX160 - jq1013_cricket.hxb

Samsung M620 - m620_af14.bin

Samsung U410 - u410_ab22.bin

Samsung U340 - verizon_u340_ae22.bin

Samsung U340 - cricket_u340_ag27.bin

Samsung S250 - s250_yd01.bin

Samsung S390 - s390_zi15.bin

Samsung V490 - v490_yd18.bin

Sanyo 8200 - 8200_1.007sp_eng.bin

Pantech HX550C - 550pp004.bin

VK_Mobile 200C - vk200c_eb16_full.bin

UTStarcom 7025 - cricket_106k7a_gc2.03.bin

ZTE C204 - zte204_full.bin

ZTE C231 - zte231_full.bin

ZTE C401 - zte401_C110Rv1.31.bin

ZTE C631 - classic631_mk302r3.bin

ZTE C632 - classic632_na252r4.bin

ZTE C705 - zte705_full.bin

CMotech CCU-550 - ccu550_evdo_ok.bin

AirCard 580 - 580_sprint.bin


Motorola Monster (full-flash) files:

Motorola C343 - Verizon_C343_R2.7.1_X_2.0.00R_monster.shx

Motorola T730 - Verizon_T730_1.2.22.6D.1P_monster_01.shx

Motorola T730 - Alltel_T730_2.22.6D.1P_03F_monster_001.shx

Motorola T300P - Verizon_T300p_monster_01.shx

Motorola W315 - Verizon_W315_02.08.22R_monster_01.shx

Motorola W315 - Alltel_W315_01.00.36R_monster_01.shx

Motorola W315 - Cricket_W315_01.00.35R_monster_01.shx

Motorola W315 - USC_W315_01.00.31R_monster_01.shx

Motorola W385 - Verizon_W385_01.16.00R_monster_01.shx

Motorola W385 - USC_W385_02.22.17P_monster_01.shx

Motorola W385 - MetroPCS_W385_02.22.15P_monster_01.shx

Motorola W755 - Verizon_W755_00.30.08P_monster_01.shx

Motorola Z6C - Verizon_Z6c_01.30.16P_monster.shx

Motorola Z6M - USC_Z6m_03.03.04P_monster_01.shx

Motorola Z6M - MetroPCS_Z6m_02.0D.06P_monster_01.shx

Motorola Z6M - Alltel_Z6m_02.0D.0BP_monster_01.shx

Motorola Z6M - Cricket_Z6m_sparko_x_01.2B.2DP_monster_01.shx

Motorola V9M - Cricket_V9m_02.0C.12P_monster_01.shx

Motorola K1M - Boost_K1m_01.0E.00R_monster_01.shx

Motorola K1M - MetroPCS_K1m_00.26.0F_monster_01.shx

Motorola K1M - USC_K1m_00.26.0FP_monster_02.shx

Motorola K1M - BellMobility_K1m_FRNK2402_X_01.16.00R_monster_01.shx

Motorola V3A - Alltel_V3a_01.1A.02R_monster_01.shx

Motorola V3C - USC_V3c_04.09.00R_monster_01.shx

Motorola V3M - Sprint_V3m_00.43.00R_monster_01.shx

Motorola V3M - USC_V3m_01.1B.00R_monster_01.shx

Motorola L7C - MetroPCS_L7c_00.27.02P_monster_01.shx

Motorola L7C - Cricket_L7c_00.26.14P_monster_01.shx

Motorola L7C - USC_L7c_00.26.0FP_monster_03.shx

Motorola Ve - Verizon_Ve_01.53.00R_monster_01.shx

Motorola Q2 - Verizon_Q2_C_06.47.05I_01.0A.00R_monster_01.sbf

Motorola Q2 - Alltel_Q2_C_01.0B.01I_01.08.00R_monster_01.sbf

Motorola Q2 - USC_Q2_C_01.07.00I_01.01.00R_monster_02.sbf

Motorola Q2 - Telus_TLS_Q2_C_01.02.01I_01.0A.00R_monster_02.sbf

Motorola E815 - Verizon_E815_01.26.0R_monster_02.shx

Motorola E815 - Alltel_E815_05.05.00R_monster_01.shx

Motorola V710 - Verizon_V710_1.40.0R_monster_01.shx

Motorola V710 - USC_V710_1.40.2P_monster_01.shx

Motorola V260 - Verizon_V260_1.0.16.17P_monster_01.shx

Motorola V262 - Alltel_V262_1.0.23.BP_monster_01.shx

Motorola V262 - Cricket_V262_1.0.23.8P_monster_01.shx

Motorola V262 - USC_V262_1.0.23.8P_monster_01.shx

Motorola V265 - Verizon_V265_1.0.16.17P_monster_01.shx

Motorola V265 - Alltel_V265_1.0.23.BP_monster_01.shx

Motorola V265 - Cricket_V265_1.0.23.8P_monster_01.shx

Motorola V265 - USC_V265_1.0.23.8P_monster_01.shx

Motorola V266 - Alltel_V266_1.0.23.BP_monster_01.shx

Motorola V266 - USC_V266_1.0.23.9P_monster_01.shx

Motorola V276 - Verizon_V276_1.0.2BR_monster_01.shx

Motorola V276 - Verizon_V276pp_1.0.2BR_monster_01.shx (PrePaid model)

Motorola V323 - USC_V323_04.2A.03P_monster_01.shx

Motorola V323i - USC_V323i_01.12.00R_monster_01.shx

Motorola C290 - Sprint_C290_2.44.00_monster_01.shx

Motorola C290 - Boost_C290_00.07.00R_monster_01.shx

Motorola A840 - Verizon_A840_01.30.17_monster_01.shx






CDMA Workshop is more powerful and powerful with every new version!


After some delay we are glad to present next version of CDMA Workshop v3.2.0


Please, check changelog here.






We returned after vacation and ready to hard work again.






We will be closed for about 7 days (maybe less). We will process all orders and answer all e-mail messages when we return ASAP. We are really sorry for all delays.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.1.0 released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.0.6 released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 3.0.1 released.






"Power CDMA Pack" updated!!!


• Samsung UniPST for Sprint v1.701  -  NEW!!!   /   Screen shots: 1.gif | 2.gif


• Samsung UniPST_Lite for BMC/BWM v2.436  -  NEW!!!   /   Screen shots: 1.gif | 2.gif


• Kyocera Wireless PST v3.8.118  -  NEW!!!   /   Screen shot: 1.jpg

(With special regkey, works as Internal Edition with important functions)

(Latest version, supports all Kyocera in market,  readme.txt)


• QXDM - Qualcomm eXtensible Diagnostic Monitor v3.09.19 (Cracked)


• Universal PST (InfoSoft) dll for  -  Blackberry 7250c


• Memory addresses to read SPC (unlock) directly for new Sanyo, Audiovox/UTStarcom models:

(Sanyo Katana II (6650), 3200, Audiovox/UTStarcom Mogul/P4000/PPC6800/XV6800)


• Samsung U510, U540, U740 direct ESN changer , SPC unlocker  -  NEW!!!

(16 digits passwords included)


• Samsung PST v1.0.002 + DLL`s for Samsung A890, U620, U740   /   Screen shots: 1.gif | 2.gif


• Sanyo EFS2 Open software + patched firmware files for change ESN for Sanyo 8300, 7500, 6600



Samsung U540 - u540_ad21.bin

Samsung U740 - u740_zl05.bin

Samsung A990 - a990_zh07.bin

Samsung A870 - a870_zl14.bin

Samsung A630 - a630_israel.bin

Sanyo 8300 - scp8300s_oem.bin

Sanyo 8300 - scp8300s_patch.bin (for ESN change)

Sanyo 6600 (Katana) - scp6600_g2_v1000sp.bin

Sanyo 6600 (Katana) - scp6600_patch.bin (for ESN change)

Sanyo 7500 - scp7500_patch.bin (for ESN change)


Motorola Monster (fullflash) Files:
V9M - USC_V9m_02.0B.09P_monster_02.shx

L7c SLVR - Verizon_L7c_01.08.03P_monster_01.shx






CDMA Workshop - New version 2.8.5 released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 2.8.0 released.






CDMA UniBOX - new version has been released!!!


We are glad to present next version of CDMA UniBOX v5.0 - Advanced version!!!


This version of UniBOX has some new additional rare cables and wrong pinouts have been fixed for some cables.






CDMA Workshop - New version 2.7.0 released.






"Power CDMA Pack" updated!!!


• Memory addresses to read SPC (unlock) directly for new Sanyo models  -  NEW!!!

(Sanyo 8300, 8400, 2400, 3100, 7500, 9000, Katana, M1, M200)


• USB modem drivers for Samsung, LG, Sky, Audiovox (UTStarcom) models


• Samsung UniPST v2.78   /   Screen Shot: 1.gif

(Indian market)


• Axesstel PST for 1xModels   /   Screen Shot: 1.gif

(1xP800, 1xT800, 1xP1900, 1xT1900)


• Axesstel 1x ESN changer, SPC unlocker


• ZTE Flash Downloader (ZPST) v1.00.03


• ZTE Universal SPC unlocker


• Haier D1000 (Tata) MIN Unlock software


• Motorola V710 ESN changer (V710 only)

(100% tested and worked)



Nokia 1255 - 1255_0esn.bin

LG PM225 - pm225.bin + dll for downloader

LG PM325 - pm325_main_12.bin + dll for downloader

Samsung A560 - sph_a560.bin

Samsung N500 - sch_n500.bin

Samsung X140 - x140.bin

ZTE C150 - zte150_full.bin

ZTE C170 - zte170_full.bin

ZTE C180 - zte180_full.bin

ZTE C201 - zte201.bin

ZTE C220 - zte220_full.bin

Sungil agp800 - agp800_noruim.bin






CDMA Workshop - New version 2.5.5 released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 2.5.1 released.






CDMA Workshop - New version 2.4.8 released.






"Power CDMA Pack" updated!!!


• QXDM - Qualcomm eXtensible Diagnostic Monitor v3.09.10 (Cracked)

(100% worked and tested)


• QPST - Qualcomm Product Support Tool v2.7 (build 264)

(EFS Explorer, Service Programming, Software Download, PRL Editor, etc)

(supports all CDMA phones based on Qualcomm chipsets: msm3000, 3100, 3300, 5000, 5100, 5105, 5500, 6000, 6050, 6100, 6200, 6250, 6275, 6280, 6300, 6500, 6550, 6600, 6800, 7200, 7500)


• Nokia Diego Service Software v3.09

(New version, with crack... SPC unlock at any Nokia CDMA, NAM Programming, PRL reading/writting, etc...)

• Motorola Radiocomm v11.1.0   /   Screen shot: 1.gif

(date of release 11.21.06,  Highest level functions)


• Motorola P2K PST v7.2.5 Cracked   /   Screen shots: 1.gif | 2.gif



• Motorola RSD Lite v3.5

(Flash/Flex downloader)


• ASTool+ PST/Flash Downloader for Sky U100


• Audiovox 8945 Curitel PST v1.0


• Telit X120 Curitel PST v1.1



LG VX9800 - t98vzv05.bin + dll for downloader

Audiovox 8915 - t111vedt05_1.176

Samsung X210 - x210uh22.bin

Samsung X290 - x290.bin

Epsilon VC-5X - c5xc04.bin

Telit X120 - x120isr08_01.191.bin


Motorola Monster (fullflash) Files:

K1M - Alltel_K1m_00.26.11P_PRIkk45260_monster_01.shx

K1M - Verizon_K1m_00.25.0CP_PRIjj78753_monster_01.shx

V3M - Alltel_V3m_01.1A.00R_PRIkk27390_monster_01.shx

V3M - Verizon_V3m_01.05.0AP_PRIii33163_monster_01.shx

V3C - Alltel_V3c_04.06.00R_PRIhh70919_monster_01.shx

V3C - Cricket_V3c_09.02.00R_PRIii57147_monster_01.shx

V3C - MetroPCS_V3c_08.04.00R_PRIii51355_monster_01.shx

V3C - Verizon_V3c_01.18.02P_PRIjj30506_monster_01.shx

E815_E816 - AMP'd Hollywood_E816_X_2.5.0R_PRIkk52234_moster_01.shx

E815_E816 - BellMobility_E815_X_1.7.1P_phone.shx

V710 - Alltel_V710_1.40.4P_PRIhh66638_moster_01.shx






CDMA Workshop - New version 2.4.1 released.






HOT Offer!! Unlocked flash files. - Original and fully unlocked flash files for:


Samsung SCH-S109 "Hero" (Tata)
Motorola W150 (Tata)
Motorola W200 (Tata)
Nokia 1255 (Tata, Reliance)
LG RD3330 (Reliance)
LG RD2630 (Reliance)
LG RD2650 (Reliance)
LG RD2670 (Reliance)
LG RD2690 (Reliance)
LG RD2690 (Reliance)
LG AD2535 (Tata)
LG RD6230 (Reliance)
LG RD6330 (Reliance)
LG RD6500 (Reliance)


Expensive!! For serious customers only.






"Motorola iDen RSS - LAB Edition!!!" new latest version R02.00.01 available!!!

(This version supports all new CP (Code Plug) versions. New models support is added - i880, i885 )


All legal customers contact us for free upgrades.






"Power CDMA Pack" updated!!!


• UTStarcom (Audiovox) c1100, c1122 PST  -  NEW!!!   /   Screen shot: 1.gif | 2.gif


• Samsung A950, A970 Direct ESN changer , SPC unlocker  -  NEW!!!

(16 digits passwords included)


• Treo Crowdy HPST v0.17  -  NEW!!!   /   Screen shot: 1.gif

(Refurbish, PRL, NAM settings, software upgrade, etc)


• Kyocera KX7 (Topaz) ESN changer  -  NEW!!!


• Universal PST (InfoSoft) dll`s for:

Samsung A630, Samsung A670



Audiovox 6600 - ha_vzv_207_112_01151_Ship1.exe

Audiovox 6700 - apac_vzv_20720_200_11000_Ship.exe

Audiovox 8945 - d230ve3m03_0.168


Kyocera KE414c - mj1019.hxb

Kyocera KX1 - ng1017.hxb

Kyocera KX5 - jm1015_generic.hxb

Kyocera KX5bt - rq1013_generic.hxb

Kyocera KX7 - bu1001.hxb

Kyocera K17 - pg1002.hxb


LG VX1000 (Migo) - t10vzv07.bin + dll for downloader

LG VX8300 - t83vzv03.bin + dll for downloader

LG VX8500 - t85vzv04.bin + dll for downloader


LG TM525 - t5bvzv08_verizon.bin, t5bucv07_us_cellular.bin + dll for downloader


LG LSP-400 - pidtat040m06.bin + dll for downloader

LG TSP-MX510 - mx51vv10_00.bin + dll for downloader


Motorola V710 - v710_2_03_00R_verizon.shx

Motorola V710 - v710_1_30_10_alltel.shx

Motorola V3C - v3c_04_04_00r_alltel.shx

Motorola V3C - v3c_09_01_00r_cricket.shx

Motorola A840 - a840_1_30_17p_verizon.shx

Motorola E815 - e815_1_17_03_verizon.shx

Motorola W315 - w315_01_00_20r_alltell.shx







CDMA Universal Box - new version has been released!!!


We are glad to present next version of CDMA UniBOX v4.0 - Advanced version!!!


This version of UniBOX has a lot of new features, a lot of new cables added, aluminium case and more.






"Power CDMA Pack" updated!!!


• Samsung UniPST v2.602  -  NEW!!!   /   Screen Shot: 1.gif

(All new models for Latin America region)


• Samsung A915, A410, A150, A160, L160, L210, L310  ESN Changer , SPC Unlocker  -  NEW!!!

(16 digits passwords included + solution for usage)


• Universal PST (InfoSoft) dll`s for:

Samsung A740, A840.. Sanyo 5600, 6600 (Katana), 7400, 7500, 9000.. Audiovox PPC6700.. Treo 650..

UTStarcom CDM-105SP..


• Plinksoft EasyCDMA software  -  NEW!!!

(New EFS reader, support new EFS structure, which allow to read SPC for almost all new Kyocera models -

Energy, Dorado, KX2, KX16, KX9, KX160, K612, Virgin models, etc, etc)


Audiovox PPC6600-6700 ESN Changer, SPC Unlocker  -  NEW!!!


• ASTool+ PST/Flash Downloader for Sky S100  -  NEW!!!


• Samsung A900 MultiDownloader   /   Screen Shot: 1.gif


• Samsung A950, A970 MultiDownloader   /   Screen Shot: 1.gif


• Samsung A890 USB Downloader (new memory)



Audiovox 9900 (Toshiba vm4050) - us131038Upro.bin (english, spanish, french, portuguese)

Samsung A970 - yf24.bin (english, spanish)






"Motorola iDen RSS - LAB Edition!!!" new latest version R02.00.00 available!!!

(This version supports all new CP (Code Plug) versions. New models support is added - ic502 )


All legal customers contact us for free upgrades.






"Motorola iDen RSS - LAB Edition!!!" new latest version R01.16.21 available!!!

(This version supports all new CP (Code Plug) versions. New models support is added - i615 )


All legal customers contact us for free upgrades.






"Power CDMA Pack" updated!!!


• Sanyo MM-3100, 7500, 9000, Katana SPC Unlockers  -  NEW!!!


• Universal PST (InfoSoft) dll`s for:

LG PM225, MM535, VI125, VI5225, Samsung A680, A790, A900, A920, A940, Sanyo 3100, 8300, SierraWirelessAircard


• Sanyo SSTJs PST v3.36  -  NEW!!!   /   Screen shot: 1.gif

(supports: s3000, scp-430, scp-4700, scp-4900/us, scp-4920/us, scp-4950/us, scp-5000,

scp-5000/1x, scp-5150, scp-5300, scp-5400/us, scp-5500/us, scp-6000, scp-6200,

scp-6300demo, scp-6400, scp-7200/us, scp-7300/us, scp-8100/us, scp-8100/ca,

scp-8100/nz, scp-8200/us.........


a1302sa, a1303sa, a13YYsa, a3011sa, a3015sa, a5503sa, a5505sa, b017, c1001sa, c111sa,

c304sa, c304sa/hk, c304sa/ms, c401hk/1x, c401m, c401sa, c401sa/hk, c401sa/kt, c405sa,

c412sa, e55XXsa, scp-510/cn, , scp550/cn, scp550/th, scp580/cn, scp588/cn, scp588/th,

scp-600/cn, scp-600/hk, scp-820/cn, , scp-a011)......


• Motorola Universal SPC Unlocker  -  NEW!!!   /   Screen shot: 1.gif

• Motorola Radiocomm v10.3.1   /   Screen shot: 1.gif

(date of release 19.06.06,  Highest level functions)


• Sky 8500 ESN Changer, SPC Unlocker  -  NEW!!!

(16 digits password included)


• ASTool+ PST/Flash Downloader for Sky U110  -  NEW!!!


• Kyocera K9, K10 Virgin SPC Reader  -  NEW!!!



Samsung A900 - zb12.bin (english, spanish)

Samsung A950 - yk25.bin (english, spanish)

Samsung N362 - ya07.bin

ZTE C150 - ch_p300a1v1.0.1b01.bin







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